Why choose Skanfas?

There are various reasons to choose Skanfas

Genuinely creative

Since its founding in 2005, Skanfas has stood out from among the other operators in the sector by its creativity, which has been visible in our products and flexible operating method.

A good end result has been achieved together with our customers, who have been able to significantly affect the customisation level of the products. We always deliver on our promises.

Figures speak for themselves

  • Three fully automated production lines
  • Over 4,000 delivered orders
  • Two million painted façade square metres
  • A daily production capacity of over 2,000 m2
  • 1,900 different paint colours so far
  • A 100% Finnish high-quality company that provides genuine services

Carefully thought-out solutions

We are able to fulfil all coating-related wishes from façade boards to interior décor panels and acoustics products. Our products are of an even quality, and the ease of installation has been observed in their design. If the customer so wishes, all the necessary mounting accessories can be delivered with the products to make their installation at the worksite as easy and smooth as possible.

Ecology is an essential part of our operations. This is reflected, for example, in the use of more ecological water-soluble and solvent-free paints in our production.

Timely deliveries 

We understand the importance of keeping to the agreed upon schedule of building projects. Therefore, our customers can always trust in our quick delivery times. Our standard delivery time is 2–3 weeks, but we also offer quick deliveries, whereupon the delivery time for some of our products is 48 hours at best. 

Clear and competitive pricing 

Costs and clear pricing are significant in all projects. We have ensured that the pricing of our products is competitive and our pricing model straightforward.

We are the only operator in the market that provides a possibility for a final price already in the budget phase, even when exact dimensions are still missing. This ensures that there will be no surprises to the customer, and also saves time and money.

Order samples from us

Samples are the best way to see and feel our products. Ordering samples is easy and will help you decide which of our products are the best for your application.

Let us know what you need

We will help you fulfil your plans. Contact us through the form and request a quote. The form can also be used to request additional information and to easily manage all other contacts with us. Please see the Contacts page for more detailed contact information.

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