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We offer a diverse selection of façade boards. We deliver the boards in standard dimensions or cut-to- size with finished edges. The screws are painted to match the boards– always on time.
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Coating and sales of fibre cement façade boards*

We provide the most innovative coated fibre cement boards. Thanks to our modern production processes, we are able to treat almost any kind of board, except for metal. Our automation level is high, but the production process also includes manual work to ensure an optimal end result.

In Finland, the coated fibre cement boards are sold by Cembrit Oy.

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Where required, we also produce smaller product batches for our customers and are happy to accept exceptional and challenging projects implemented based on specific customer wishes. Various surface options are available for different materials, in addition to which we are constantly exploring and developing new ways to produce first-class and innovative façade surfaces.

Implemented projects: approx. 4,000 / 2 million m2.
Three different sprayer circuits, one roller coating line, a stack turner, board robots, a UV oven, an IR oven.
The capacity of the board drying racks is 1,400 m2/day.
The maximum board size is 1,300 x 3,500 x 40 mm / 100 kg.

Examples of products that are suited to coating:

Acoustics boards: Gyptone, Paroc, and Ecophon.
Gypsum boards, plywood, OSB, and MDF.
Fibre cement boards.
Wood-wool boards.
Insulation boards.

Coating examples:

Acrylic coating
Polyurethane coating
Antigraffiti coating
Mould deterrent treatment.

All our products have been CE-certified.

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Cutting and coating services for construction and decorative boards

Precise cutting and careful coating are essential parts of our services. These are always done to the highest standards thanks to our professional staff and high-quality equipment.

We have a unique production and operations control system that was built specifically for the purpose. The modern automatic cutting line ensures the top quality of the cutting and the optimisation software saves on raw material. The raw boards of our customers could be stored as part of our services.

Our painting process has been certified by leading Nordic paint manufacturers, in addition to which we carry out constant product development activities with constant product development activities with them. Comprehensive colour palettes enable the use of almost any colour. We are also able to fully cater for the coating needs of our customers, as we can coat dozens of different kinds of products.

It is important for our customers to get the products they want and to get them delivered to the worksite on time. We have ensured that we are always able to react quickly to customer needs and to deliver orders within 48 hours at best.


Additional services

In addition to façade and coating solutions, we also offer other services to our customers, such as cutting and coating, as well as a storage of products. We use optimisation software that has been designed to minimise the board waste.

We also provide mounting accessories, such as painted screws and rivets, and all other necessary installation accessories. Where required, we will carry out laboratory tests on our new products in cooperation with our partners.

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