Together with our customers, we have developed creative and functional solutions for a large number of buildings. A magnificent coating that matches the functions of the building which is also cost-efficient and ecological.
Skanfas Vivid 4x300x600
Skanfas Vivid 4x300x600

When looking for a suitable cladding for our bay window, we struck gold at Skanfas. Skanfas quickly and easily delivered a special color of their Vivid 4x300x600mm to match our window frames via a specialist dealer in our region. We have thus received an economical and at the same time visually attractive solution.
-Peter Schwarzbauer, Haarbach, Germany

Skanfas Vivid 4x300x600 small-formatted slates are an economical, durable and environmentally friendly solution for all types of facades – also in building renovation. These modern fiber cement panels have a lively surface and are coated with an opaque, water-based acrylate coating. They therefore meet all the requirements for contemporary architecture.

Already cut-to-size and with color-coated edges allow installation with high precision. Skanfas Vivid 4x300x600 are available in an extremely diverse colour palette, which sets almost no limits to your design requirements and therefore always make your projects look special.

Skanfas Vivid 4x300x600

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