We specialize in coating of fibre cement flat sheets. Today, with no doubt, Skanfas is the most flexible and creative facade company in Scandinavia.

Skanfas Ltd was founded in 2004 in Finland and was built on inspiration, creativity and quality. Incredible team work, innovativeness and drive took the company through some harder times, that only built it stronger. Unlike its competitors, the company offered its customers more space for unique designing and soon attracted interest globally. Today Skanfas continues to offer inspiration in creative cladding.

Already over 2 million sqm of cladding surface has been delivered to customers. Regular deliveries to more than ten countries in Scandinavia and Europe help us to understand the needs of different markets – we customize our coatings according to requirements of our partners to ensure success for both parties. Almost unlimited colour range, various shapes and sizes allow you to create unique and beautiful facades. Let’s build the future together!

Tailored services for unique facades

In addition to our comprehensive selection of standard products, we offer almost unlimited options for tailoring unique facades. We operate in close partnership with our customers to ensure the optimal solution for high quality outcome – and for our customers, only imagination sets the limit.


Skanfas Color

Skanfas Color is a facade board with unlimited possibilities for designers to create authentic facades. It offers a very wide range of color options and outstanding durability. It is developed in close cooperation with the leading paint manufacturer and is available in almost all colors of NCS-S and RAL color charts. Smooth matt surface gives the boards subdued sophisticated look.

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Skanfas Structure

Skanfas Structure is a facade board with a velvety structured surface available in rich colors. Its specially developed structure keeps the board clean and rain water washes away all the dirt that accumulates on the surface. We offer a full installation kit for Skanfas Structure boards, which will ensure easy installation and guarantee stylish durable facades for many years.

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Skanfas Structure Design

Skanfas Structure Design boards are now available in new colors: Corten Steel, Old Copper, Black Iron and Metallic. Structure Design Boards have the same outstanding features as Structure boards, that help them remain clean and sophisticated looking. Its specially developed structure keeps the board clean and rain water washes away all the dirt which accumulates on the surface.

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Skanfas Structure Design Metallic

Skanfas Structure Design Metallic boards are now available in five different colors. Full color chart can be found in the brochure. Structure Design Metallic Boards have the same outstanding features as Structure boards and Structure Design boards.

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Skanfas Color Plus

Skanfas Color Plus is a facade board covered with non-toxic heavy-duty acrylic coating with ultimate durability. Skanfas Color Plus has smooth surface and rich colors. Full range of NCS-S and RAL is available. All Skanfas boards are easy and fast to install, they do not require any treatment after installation.

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Skanfas Siding Arboreal

Arboreal fiber cement siding has been created to combine the attractive looks of wooden panels as well as durability and weather- resistance of fiber cement. Nine unique stained surfaces and limitless color range of standart painting allow you to create unique, environmental friendly facade that will last for decades.

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Skanfas Siding Color

Design and installation

We design unique fixing solutions with our partner FTS. Through adaptive facade design, static calculations, shop drawings, bill of materials, tender assistance, installation advice, quality controls, material alternatives and turnkey projects we are able to shape architects’ concepts and ideas, making them happen. Our flexible production facility let us offer customized solutions for all sized projects.

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